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Research Associate

Great Lake Bioenergy Research Center

Kellogg Biological Station

Michigan State University

Contact Information

Email: sahadeba@msu.edu


Areas of Expertise


  • Organic Agriculture

  • Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Soil

  • Nitrogen Cycling in the Soil-Plant System

  • Sustainable Bioenergy Production

  • Modeling Agricultural Systems

  • Machine Learning Application in Soil Biogeochemistry


Research Theme


The broad theme of my research is to reduce nutrient losses to enhance productivity and environmental sustainability of agricultural and bioenergy production systems. In particular, my research has focused on understanding and predicting nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas, emissions from diverse production systems employing different soil management practices. I am interested in plot to landscape scale interactions between soil carbon, nitrogen, and water cycling to influence nitrous oxide emissions from microbial processes. My research involves novel application of Machine Learning algorithms such as Random Forest in identifying critical drivers and their respective threshold conditions to influence spatially and temporally variable soil biogeochemical processes.

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